Japanese Masterpiece - Hayakawa Ayunosuke (Zhao Tsuang)

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Inspired by Kuniyoshi Utagawa's artistic rendition of "The 108 Heroes of the Tale of Suikoden" series (Shuihu Zhuan in Chinese) is a 14th Century Chinese novel about 108 rebels and heroic bandits. The characters were outlaws seen as honourable men who rebelled against the corrupt bureaucracy. A robinhood like story. The beautiful colours translates to beautiful patterns on your sock.

Featured here is Hayakawa Ayuosuke (Chinese name: Zhao Tsuang).

Add a splash of colour to your Sock Drawer. Fully Knitted quality.

One Size
Women US 6-10
Men US 5-9
EU 36-40

Large Size
Women US 9-13
Men US 8-12.5
EU 41-47

Designed in Canada/Concu Au Canada
Knitted in Taiwan/Fabrique a Taiwan

80% cotton/Nylon blend, 80% Coton/Melange Nylon
20% Spandex/Lycra, 20% Elasthanne/Lycra

Wash in cold water
Do not bleach
Do not iron

Hang dry for best results