Ankle socks - Masterpiece - The Sistine Madonna Cherubs

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Inspired piece of Sistine Chapel Madonna Cherubs painting by Raphael (Sanzio).  The legend goes when Raphael was painting the Madonna the children of his model would come in to watch. Struck by their posture as they did, the story goes, he added them to the painting exactly as he saw them.  There's a (R)ight and (L)eft sock to complete the overall painting.  A letter (R) and (L) is knitted on the sock sole to remind wearers.

Add a splash of colour to your Sock Drawer. Fully Knitted quality.

One Size
Women US 6-10
Men US 5-9
EU 36-40

Designed in Canada/Concu Au Canada
Knitted in Taiwan/Fabrique a Taiwan

80% cotton/Nylon blend, 80% Coton/Melange Nylon
20% Spandex/Lycra, 20% Elasthanne/Lycra

Wash in cold water
Do not bleach
Do not iron

Hang dry for best results