Masterpiece JHJ - Creation of Adam - God

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Michaelangelo's fresco painting sits on the ceiling of the sixteenth chapel. This piece tells the story of the God's creation of man. The painting is made in exquisite detail and took Michaelangelo forty years to create. It's pretty unbelievable, the hours he spent, hanging upside-down painting this masterpiece. These socks may not be able to help you walk on the ceiling, but they sure look godly!

Timeless masterpieces brought to you by JHJ Design. 

Art knitted on socks. 

One Size Fits Most

Women shoe size 6-9

Men shoe size 7-10 

Made in Taiwan 

70% Cotton

20% Nylon

10% Elastane 

Wash in cold water

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Hang dry for best results